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What is customization?

When you go custom, you get to choose every detail and specification you would like in a fishing rod. There may never be a rod exactly like it! When building your rod, you get to choose the length and power of the rod, the action of the tip, handle style, and colors (rod color, guide colors, guide wrap colors). You can even personalize your rod with a name, slogan, or emblem that you choose.

Handles, Guides, and Blanks, Oh My!

Building a rod can seem overwhelming at first. Eventually, you will build a rod that you can be proud to call yours.


What you are fishing for (walleye, bass, panfish)?

How will you be fishing (jigging, worming, trolling)?

These decisions will help steer you in the right direction.

Then you want to consider the length, style, and personal preferences of your rod. Some individuals prefer backbone on their rods. However, the trade off is weight of the rod and overall sensitivity.On the other hand, some people prefer more sensitivity with very little backbone. While many components of your fishing rod are important, none are as important as the blank.


Now that you have your blank, consider your handle options. First, choose the material of your handle. The most popular options are cork, EVA or foam, and Winn Grip. We use a premium cork at Wetdog Outdoors. It is softer, more durable and has a longer lifespan than traditional cork handles. Winn grips are a new style that compares to foam and has a rubberized grip, similar to golf club grips. Winn grips are deemed best for casting rods as they allow for better control, even in some of the harshest of environments.


Now that you have a top of the line blank with a comfortable handle, you will need to choose your line guides. Again, it will be important to consider the kind of fishing you will be doing as some techniques and fish will call for a heavier duty guide. Wetdog Outdoors uses top of the line guides that will be smoother and lighter than the stock rod you will typically find at your local sporting goods store.

Oh My!

Now you have a fishing rod ready to catch that next monster! It’s time to talk

personalization. With a custom rod, you can choose any color.

Do you want it to match your boat?

Do you have a reel in mind?

Do you want to name your customized rod something legendary?

Remember, your custom rod is yours and only yours. Make sure it satisfies all your needs.

How is Wetdog different?

Whether this is your first experience or 100th with a custom fishing rod, we here to help you make the best decision. At Wetdog Outdoors, we are proud of our products. Every rod comes with a limited lifetime warranty. W

e are here to help you get the perfect rod and land your next monster catch.

Happy fishing!

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